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About Tynan Szvetecz (@SavorEachGlass)

Thank you for clicking on the URL from my Twitter profile! I'd like to give you a little background on who I am and what I do.

My name is Tynan Szvetecz, and I am a wine nerd. I am an Executive Wine Sommelier and Senior Wine Instructor certified through the International Wine Guild, one of the few state-accredited wine vocational schools in the United States. I'm also a Candidate for Master Sommelier, which is a fancy way of saying I passed a five wine double-blind tasting.*

*This is one of the psychotic practices in the wine world where fancy looking, intimidating people ask you to identify a wine's grape, country of origin, region within that country, and vintage within 2 years based on only what you smell, see and taste in the glass. It's an intellectual chess match where one wrong assumption can run you completely off course. It involves things like panic, sweating, self-esteem crisis management and other fun character building activities. 

Presently I live on Colorado's Western Slope, in Paonia, where I teach public and professional wine classes and help the local wine makers improve their outreach. I also am the managing partner in an internet marketing company called Commerce Kitchen that focuses on outreach for the Wine Industry all over the country, using Community Management and Social Networking tools.

What's Interesting About Following Me on Twitter?

  • My Twitter activity is focused on providing interesting wine tips and insight for both professionals and recreational wine drinkers. Every week has a theme, and my philosophy is one of engagement. I welcome questions and feedback.
  • I also will post information about upcoming wine & food events on Colorado's Western Slope, usually with the Grand Junction (#gjco) hashtag. These will include wine maker dinners, wine festivals, classes that I or others will be teaching and more.
  • During events like certification seminars or wine festivals, I'll do live tweeting of the event and try to make it as informational and fun as possible.

What Else is of Interest Here?

At Savor Each Glass, you can:

Feel free to contact me here if you have any specific questions I can answer about Wine in Colorado, Wine Networking & Marketing, or general wine business consulting.