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Articles in Category "Wine Glasses"

Riedel Wine Glasses: The Science Inside

by Jennifer Jordan
For many former students, science was a class where it was hard to get excited. All the talk of human cells, the lectures on atoms, and the discovery that a hypothesis is not a huge, plant-eating...
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Claus Riedel: The Man Behind the Glass

by Jennifer Jordan
To many, the container from which wine is consumed may be of little importance, with some people drinking from anything - a mug, a cup, a kiddy pool, and, in the event of an accidental spill, a throw...
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Washing Wine Glasses: From a Chore to an Art Form

by Jennifer Jordan
No one is particularly fond of washing dishes, with many people reserving it for times when the tower of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink begins to resemble the Tower of Pisa. But, for those who have...
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Wine Glass Tips

by Tynan Szvetecz
Goblets and Dixy Cups The wine revolution is doing more than just changing how and where wine is grown, it is changing the way we enjoy wine. It's no secret that wine can be savored just as much in...
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Serving With Wine Glasses: What's Behind Glass Number 1

by Jennifer Jordan
Alcohol, as a rule, is generally easy to serve. For beer, you simply hand someone a can or a bottle and, if need be, a bottle opener. For hard alcohol, you simply pour the spirits into a mixer, add...
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