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Articles in Category "Wine Buying"

The Best First Date Wines

by Jennifer Jordan
We all know that dating is hard: the awkward silences, the nerves of the first kiss, the fear of flatulence in an intimate moment. Yes, dating is hard on so many fronts, including knowing what wine...
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Wine Label Removal: A Sticky Situation

by Jennifer Jordan
Removing the label from a bottle of wine may seem like an every day occurrence; surely people everywhere have their reasons for scraping fingernails against a square of paper. Perhaps some people...
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The Ten Most Important Wine Label Terms

by Tynan Szvetecz
For the average wine consumer, there is a plethora of intimidation associated with wine buying. This is a feeling that is most often the result of not understanding wine labels. New world wines tend...
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Starting Wine Buying Tips

by Tynan Szvetecz
Before you do anything in this big, wonderful world of wine buying, it's important to find a good wine merchant. In today's wine culture, this is easier than ever. There are more small to medium...
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A Fear of Wine Bottled up Inside You

by Jennifer Jordan
I'll confess: I'm scared of wine. Now, it's not like I'm worried that a bottle of Cabernet will jump me in a dark alley, taking my purse and leaving my shirt fatally stained. Instead, I'm intimidated...
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