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Articles in Category "Wine Tasting"

Colorado Food & Wine Educational Dinners

by Tynan Szvetecz
Collect a group of friends, pick a date, eat, learn, drink. Overview Interested in immersing yourself in the best of Colorado Wine & Food? Contact us to arrange one of our Colorado Food &...
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Bottle Shock: When Your Wine is all Shook Up

by Jennifer Jordan
Ah, bottle shock. Some people know it for its true definition; others imagine it's what a bottle of red feels whenever a bottle of white is chosen instead. Whatever meaning you lean towards, one...
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Willamette Valley Vineyards: Open Up and Say Yum

by Jennifer Jordan
In my adult years, one of my own personal mantras whenever I go to Portland to visit the world's largest amount of relatives has been, "I'll be with family; so, in other words, I'll be drinking...
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Wine Competitions: Vining for Greatness

by Jennifer Jordan
When I think of a wine competition, I think of bottles of red wine and bottles of white wine squaring off. Perhaps bottles of Merlot and Riesling arm wrestle or a glass of Shiraz and a glass of White...
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Tasting, Wine, 2, 3, Tasting

by Jennifer Jordan
If you're like me, you've probably wondered how some people can willingly eat the foods we despise. Take for instance, refried beans. According to my taste buds, refried beans are disgusting: they...
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Wine Tastings for Singles

by Jennifer Jordan
Dating, for those of us who are tired of being single, can be a royal pain. From speed dating to online dating, from the taverns to the grocery stores, we have several outlets where we can meet...
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White Wine Styles and Personalities

by Tynan Szvetecz
When people discuss the revolution in wine that has happened over the last thirty years, they must emphasize the astounding leap white wine has taken to reach the highest standards of its red wine...
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Red Wine Styles and Personalities

by Tynan Szvetecz
Let's talk for a moment about the concept of synergy. The phenomenon of two strangers coming into contact at a cocktail party is not altogether different from a person and a new glass of wine finding...
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Tasting for Body, Acidity and Fruit

by Tynan Szvetecz
Body: Some say this trio is all you need to know in order to understand and describe that glass of wine before you. Even the greatest wine connoisseurs come back to these three flavor concepts when...
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Wine Tasting Kits and Caboodles

by Jennifer Jordan
Wine tasting may seem like something that is on special reserve, geared only for those who are expert wine drinkers. Intent on discovering fruits of a winery's labor, these connoisseurs set out to...
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Alcohol Hierarchy: The Order of Wine

by Jennifer Jordan
As you embark on a wine tasting, you may require a variety of things: bottles of wine, a cork screw, wine glasses, a wine tasting kit, perhaps even an English accent. While this stuff may be...
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