Tynan Szvetecz made a wine presentation to the Culinary School of the Rockies as they prepared duck three ways and a cornucopia of fresh sides. The Boulder-based school was in the midst of a several-week intensive in the North Fork Valley learning how to raise, prepare and harvest local, organic foods and prepare them with gusto. Master Chef Yvon Gros helped educate the students.

Photos courtesy of Jim Brett.

Photo Gallery: Culinary School of the Rockies Wine Presentation Sept 2009

Master Chef Yvon Gros teaching students how to properly prepare duck Candidate for Guild Wine Master Tynan Szvetecz discussing what makes the wines of the North Fork Valley unique These deviled eggs tasted as good as they looked Brilliant rissotto These greens are incredibly good for you, and happened to taste incredibly good Hmm...potatoes.... Duck