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Articles in Category "Beer Tasting"

A Tale of Lagers and Weizen, part I

by Nick Jurkowski

Chances are, there isn't a beer-drinker around who doesn't know the light lager style of Germany and Bohemia. Lagers, while only a few hundred years old, have been exported around the world, the Pi...
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A Tale of Lagers and Weizen, part II

by Nick Jurkowski

While lagers are dominant in Germans' beer tastes, Germany is also well known for their wheat beer, generally fermented with ale yeast. We can also find a few precious barley ale styles, which are ...
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American Beer: Nothing to Fear

by Nick Jurkowski

Beer has had its ups and downs in America. Naturally, the lowest point was Prohibition, when most of the breweries went out of business (wineries could at least get along selling sacramental wine) ...
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Anchorage's Breweries

by Nick Jurkowski

I’ve recently come back for a visit to my hometown, Eagle River, Alaska (just north of Alaska’s largest and least Alaskan city, Anchorage) Anchorage is an odd place, and though it will always be ho...
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Beer: An Introductory Primer

by Nick Jurkowski

Since prohibition, American beer has been so traditionally homogenous that most Americans had only a vague awareness that there was an entire beer world outside of the standard rice and corn-based ...
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Belgian Beers

by Nick Jurkowski

You will find most anything you are looking for among the beers of Belgium. From crisp, thirst-quenching lagers to darker strong beer and sour gueze lambic, Belgian beers run a gamut of flavors tha...
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Eating Crow Tastes Like Chicken

by Jennifer Jordan

Wrong. Webster's dictionary defines wrong as "the state of being mistaken or incorrect." I can admit when I am wrong. I was wrong when I bet my younger sister that she could jump down an entire fli...
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English Beer Errata

by Nick Jurkowski

Perusing my earlier columns, I notice the distinct lack of a few key styles that somehow eluded my careful discussion of British beer.  I place the responsibility for this oversight squarely o...
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Everyone Loves Hops, so Why Don't You?

by Nick Jurkowski

Within the community of beer-drinkers (and therefore, almost certainly, among the community of non beer-drinkers), there are an alarming number of people who are completely unclear about the role t...
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Lambics, Saisons, and Oud Bruns (Oh My

by Nick Jurkowski

You have to hand it to the Belgians - the imagination that they've shown in creating incredible beer is downright astounding. Trappist tripels and Abbey-Style strong ales are interesting enough - w...
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Revolution Brewery - the smallest commercial brewery in Colorado, takes "Best Pale Ale" honors at Crested Butte's Fall Festival.

by Tynan Szvetecz

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Styles of the Isles, Part I

by Nick Jurkowski

The British Isles gave birth to porters, stouts, pale ales, bitters, and scotch ales (as well as milds, browns, and others). To a typical American beer drinker who is used to American light lagers,...
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The Styles of the Isles, Part II

by Nick Jurkowski

In this entry exploring styles of beer from the British Isles, we will focus on the darker beers - porters and stouts, as well as Scotch Ales. Stretch you mind and palate while improving your beer...
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