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Articles in Category "Wine Making"

Make Wine, Not War

by Jennifer Jordan

Homemade wine may seem like a crazy concept, as if it came about after a bad acid trip by Betty Crocker. But, it’s really not that crazy at all. In fact, winemaking in the home is an old tradition....
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Making Champagne

by Tynan Szvetecz

Methode Champenoise: Today, the methods used to make Champagne and Sparkling Wine are very close to the original techniques pioneered by Dom Perignon in the 17th century. Bottles of Champagne from ...
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The Basics of Grapes

by Jennifer Jordan

As a wine writer, I tend to write a lot about, that’s right, wine. From wine tasting to ordering wine in a restaurant, I’ve covered a plethora of wine related topics: yes, I’ve seen, and drank, it ...
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Vintage Wine: What's it All About?

by Jennifer Jordan

Vintage, when it comes to wine, has a unique definition: it isn’t merely an old, classic bottle or one wearing a Guns and Roses hat and Van Halen (pre Sammy Hagar) shirt. In wine, vintage is define...
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