As summer begins, it almost seems that the town of Aspen should go into seclusion for the next several months, with a sign reading "Closed for Season" hanging from their city limit signs. When it comes to Aspen, people are attracted to three main things: skiing, skiing, and - wait for it - skiing.

While skiing may be an integral part of Aspen's economy, and appeal, it is certainly not the only thing this town has to offer. Once the snow has melted and the temperatures have risen, a new scene moves into this Colorado territory: the wine scene. Move over ski boots, take a seat snow pants, wine in Aspen has the floor.

The wine scene in Aspen is no better showcased than at the Food and Wine Classic. Held in the town of Aspen on June 19th through the 21st of this year, this is the perfect time for locals and tourists alike to belly up to the bar and enjoy wine, food, and festive fun. The scenery, located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, isn't too shabby either.

The Food and Wine Classic has been presented by Food and Wine Magazine for the past 27 years. The event is packed full of demonstrations, food and wine tastings, seminars, speakers and presentations.

This event isn't only a great time to sample wine in Aspen, but also wine throughout the world, from Australia to Spain, from Portugal to Washington. Likewise, the food is vast and varied and is sure to appeal to anyone with taste buds.

Among the dozens of speakers scheduled to speak are Jose Andres, owner of ThinkFoodGroup and creator of many dining concepts in the Washington DC area, Ray Isle, Deputy Editor of Food and Wine Magazine, Dana Cowin, Editor and Chief of Food and Wine Magazine, and some of the best known and revered chefs in the world.

The Food and Wine Classic typically draws in people from all walks of life, from the wine connoisseur to the wine novice, from the aspiring and accomplished chef to those whose only experience involved the use of an easy bake oven. No knowledge or expertise is required to attend this event: this is one festival that certainly has something for everyone.

Everyone of age, that is...

This festival is open to only those who are 21 and over. Children and infants are not allowed. No, not even if they have a fake ID.

The Food and Wine Classic offers single day tickets, inclusive event packages, and nearly everything in between.

While this festival is dedicated to the food and wine industry, it is also dedicated to raising awareness of a matter near and dear to this industry‘s heart. The festival is once again devoted to the Grow for Good Campaign. The Grow for Good Campaign is a national program that supports local farms and sustainable agriculture. This festival will donate 2 percent of every ticket sold.

With winter a memory, summer moves in on the Aspen grounds. But, even for the avid skier, one things stays true: as long as there's wine in Aspen, they'll be no whine in Aspen.