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Articles in Category "Wine and Health"

Champagne on the Brain: The Benefits of a Glass of Bubbly

by Jennifer Jordan

We have all heard that red wine is good for our hearts, white wine is good for our lungs, and - of course - all wine is good for our taste buds. But, recent findings have revealed Champagne may als...
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Fermenting Fortitude: The Magic of Red Wine

by Jennifer Jordan

Your Endurance in a Glass of Wine
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The Calories in Wine

by Jennifer Jordan

The holidays are a time of year when many of us have to loosen our belt buckles just a bit, attempting to satisfy our expanding waistlines. It’s not our fault; the pumpkin pie, the chocolate fudge,...
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The Fountain of Youth

by Jennifer Jordan

Throughout centuries, people have searched for a proverbial Fountain of Youth, a fountain whose water can actually slow down the aging process. From Juan Ponce de Leon to the modern day seeker, the...
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The Health Benefits of Wine

by Tynan Szvetecz

Barrels and Saints While the introduction of the double-blind study into our modern scientific world has been but a blip on the radar screen in the 7000 year-old history of wine, it has given renew...
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The Unsung Benefits of Wine

by Jennifer Jordan

If health came in a bottle, it would create mayhem at the local market. As people threw elbows and ran over one another with rabid shopping carts, bottles of health would fly off the shelves, secur...
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White Wine's Influence on the Lungs

by Jennifer Jordan

For years now, we’ve been praising the health benefits of red wine, raising our glasses and toasting Merlot as bottles of white wine sit in the corner, fermenting with jealously. Because red wine h...
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