This event sponsored by Delta County Libraries and the Creamery Arts Center kicked off the anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's death, honoring him as the library's "Little Read" author.

We explored the wine culture of 19th century America and the influence of wine and other forms of alcohol in Poe's works. The event featured a wine tasting and talk by Executive Wine Sommelier and Senior Wine Instructor Tynan Szvetecz.

Photo Gallery: Edgar Allan Poe: Wine and American Culture in the 1800's

Jamie Hollier - Manager of the Cedaredge Library, Excutive Wine Sommelier Tynan Szvetecz, and SEI Guru Laura Walters.

Jamie pouring for the tasting.

Jamie in front of the white wines...

The wine bar - featuring the crowd favorite - Alfred Eames' Sangre del Sol!

People frolicking.

People milling.

Sommelier Understudy and Mom Peigi Szvetecz assisting at the wine bar.