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Articles in Category "Wine Lifestyle"

BYOB: Changing the Definition

by Jennifer Jordan

Hearing the term BYOB may trap many people in a memory from college, back to the years of yore when guests were urged to bring their own beer to parties. The hosts, supplying a few tattered couches...
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Climbing the Liquor Ladder: Going from Beer to Wine

by Jennifer Jordan

Almost everyone remembers their first drink of alcohol. I remember mine like it was yesterday. Taking a sip of my father’s Bud Light when I was seven years old, I realized it tasted nothing like th...
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How to Serve Wine

by Tynan Szvetecz

Serving Temperatures
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Removing Red Wine Stains

by Jennifer Jordan

There are few things that will send a clean freak into a nervous breakdown like a red wine stain: red, red wine, when it’s spilled on the table and running onto the carpet, doesn’t make you feel so...
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Serving Wine at Holiday Parties

by Jennifer Jordan

Hosting a party can bring about a great deal of stress. You may find this true for any kind of party, but it seems to be particularly true for a party thrown around the holidays. For some reason, t...
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The Basics of Cooking with Wine

by Jennifer Jordan

We drink wine, placing it in a glass and swallowing without the effort of chewing (even though some people describe wine as chewy). It goes down smooth, born to be only wild enough to glide down an...
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The Songs of Wine

by Jennifer Jordan

When it comes to wine, we use a variety of our senses. Our sense of taste and our sense of smell helps us perceive flavors and aromas, our sense of sight helps us look for legs, helping us to ident...
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The Top Five Wine Myths

by Tynan Szvetecz

#1 Sniffing the Cork: Ah the beauty of ritual. Rituals are wonderful because they help us define our culture. They can add color, meaning and a sense of purpose to our lives. But there is also the ...
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Wine and Weddings

by Jennifer Jordan

From those of us who have a hundred matrimonial relatives, to those of us who have, ourselves, been married more times than Henry the VIII, chances are we’ve all attended our fair share of weddings...
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Wine Classes: When School Gets Cool

by Jennifer Jordan

When most people think of school, they are usually transported back to their elementary school days, a time of crayons, grumpy cafeteria ladies, and tennis shoes filled with playground gravel. Beca...
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Wine Gifts: Getting What you Want

by Jennifer Jordan

When it comes to the holidays, there is a right and wrong way to get the presents you want. For instance, making a detailed list and giving it to family and friends is the right way, performing a l...
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Wine Moments of the Big and Small Screen

by Jennifer Jordan

It seems to me that people will make a movie about anything (White Chicks…seriously?). From anacondas to Zorro’s, if there is a camera, there will be a film. A not-so-recent addition to this movie ...
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