When it comes to the holidays, there is a right and wrong way to get the presents you want. For instance, making a detailed list and giving it to family and friends is the right way, performing a lap dance for the local mall Santa is the wrong way, no matter how right it feels.

For wine lovers, getting what you want can be even trickier: with so much wine paraphernalia in your possession, you want to make sure you don’t receive something you already have. You certainly don’t want a wine opener when you already have ten. In fact, nine was plenty.

If you, like a lot of wine lovers, are hoping to be wined and dined this holiday season (in the form of gifts) then try asking for wine related items that you’ve only dreamed of having. Keep the following in mind, and on the top of your list:

Riedel Wineglasses: Some of you may be drinking out of regular wineglasses; others may consume your Pinot from a Dixie Cup (you know who you are). Whether you use glass, plastic or paper products, one thing is certain: crystal is much better. Riedel wineglasses allow you to experience wine in the way it was meant to be experienced. Developed with science in mind, these glasses make taste and aroma crystal clear.

Wine Clubs: Ah, a wine club, a place where Merlot can go to unwind after a hard day of work while Cabernet practices the newest dance moves. Okay, wine clubs might not actually be places where bottles stay open till two a.m., but they are still fun nonetheless. In all kinds of varieties, wine clubs bring Vino to you on a monthly basis. Most clubs send a bottle of red and a bottle of white every month for you to enjoy. They also offer tips on food pairings, wine tasting, and basic wine knowledge.

Wine Tasting Kits: This day and age, there is a kit for everything. This includes wine tasting. The complete package, wine tasting kits are a great way to get you and your friends involved in the world of tasting wine. Ideal for smaller groups, these kits are great at parties, dinners, or just regular old get togethers that could use a little kick. For anyone who is a wine novice, it’s a great way to find your (Hennessy) legs.

Wine Racks: If you’re tired of storing bottles of wine on top of your refrigerator (prior to storing them in your liver), a wine rack is a great gift request. Available in several sizes, these items are an easy and convenient way to keep wine in its proper place: your house. They also allow females to receive the greatest compliment known to the average connoisseur: wow, nice wine rack.

A Gift Certificate: If you are truly the wine lover who has everything, then there are probably only three things you could use more of: wine, wine, and, well, wine. Instead of requesting specific bottles from specific people, and risking that they decide to improvise and bring you a lifetime supply of Boone’s Farm, simply ask for a gift certificate to your favorite wine store. That is one gift we all know will never go to waste; it might just go to wasted.