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Starting Wine Buying Tips

by Jennifer Jordan

I’ll confess: I’m scared of wine. Now, it’s not like I’m worried that a bottle of Cabernet will jump me in a dark alley, taking my purse and leaving my shirt fatally stained. Instead, I’m intimidat...

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A Tale of Lagers and Weizen, part I

by Nick Jurkowski

Chances are, there isn't a beer-drinker around who doesn't know the light lager style of Germany and Bohemia. Lagers, while only a few hundred years old, have been exported around the world, the Pi...

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A Tale of Lagers and Weizen, part II

by Nick Jurkowski

While lagers are dominant in Germans' beer tastes, Germany is also well known for their wheat beer, generally fermented with ale yeast. We can also find a few precious barley ale styles, which are ...

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Alcohol Hierarchy: The Order of Wine

by Jennifer Jordan

As you embark on a wine tasting, you may require a variety of things: bottles of wine, a cork screw, wine glasses, a wine tasting kit, perhaps even an English accent. While this stuff may be essent...

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American Beer: Nothing to Fear

by Nick Jurkowski

Beer has had its ups and downs in America. Naturally, the lowest point was Prohibition, when most of the breweries went out of business (wineries could at least get along selling sacramental wine) ...

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Anchorage's Breweries

by Nick Jurkowski

I’ve recently come back for a visit to my hometown, Eagle River, Alaska (just north of Alaska’s largest and least Alaskan city, Anchorage) Anchorage is an odd place, and though it will always be ho...

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Aromas and Flavors I

by Brian Hoffer

Aromas and flavors are very difficult to describe, especially since we rarely even attempt to do so outside the context of wine. Unless you’re a food analyst working for Campbell’s, chances are tha...

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Aromas and Flavors II

by Brian Hoffer

Buttery– Buttery aromas and flavors exist in wines that have undergone malolactic fermentation, a process that sometimes follows a wine’s alcoholic fermentation. In the malolactic process, bacteria...

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Avoiding a Wine Hangover

by Jennifer Jordan

We’ve all been there. Those times in our lives when we swear that alcohol will never again touch our lips. These instances usually happen in the early mornings, with the cracks from the bathroom li...

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Beer: An Introductory Primer

by Nick Jurkowski

Since prohibition, American beer has been so traditionally homogenous that most Americans had only a vague awareness that there was an entire beer world outside of the standard rice and corn-based ...

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Belgian Beers

by Nick Jurkowski

You will find most anything you are looking for among the beers of Belgium. From crisp, thirst-quenching lagers to darker strong beer and sour gueze lambic, Belgian beers run a gamut of flavors tha...

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Bottle Shock: When Your Wine is all Shook Up

by Jennifer Jordan

Ah, bottle shock. Some people know it for its true definition; others imagine it’s what a bottle of red feels whenever a bottle of white is chosen instead. Whatever meaning you lean towards, one th...

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Bucking the Trend

by Jennifer Jordan

The Failures of the 100 Point Rating Scale The concept of rating wine is not without its uses. Certainly in today's market place, there are more wine consumers than ever and more wine producers del...

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BYOB: Changing the Definition

by Jennifer Jordan

Hearing the term BYOB may trap many people in a memory from college, back to the years of yore when guests were urged to bring their own beer to parties. The hosts, supplying a few tattered couches...

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Canada Wines: Ice, Ice Baby

by Jennifer Jordan

I think a lot about wine: Pinot Noir is on my mind whenever dinnertime rolls around, Beaujolais is in my thoughts as the holidays approach, Merlot and Cabernet share time on my brain when I attend ...

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Champagne: A Wine of Many Talents

by Jennifer Jordan

Understanding Food Pairing with Champagne

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Champagne on the Brain: The Benefits of a Glass of Bubbly

by Jennifer Jordan

We have all heard that red wine is good for our hearts, white wine is good for our lungs, and - of course - all wine is good for our taste buds. But, recent findings have revealed Champagne may als...

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Chilean Wine History and Style

by Tynan Szvetecz

Chilean Wine History: The Buddhists say that life is suffering. The capitalists say that life is a struggle. The communists say that life is a team effort. But the Chileans say that life is beautif...

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Claus Riedel: The Man Behind the Glass

by Jennifer Jordan

To many, the container from which wine is consumed may be of little importance, with some people drinking from anything - a mug, a cup, a kiddy pool, and, in the event of an accidental spill, a thr...

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Climate and Flavor I

by Tynan Szvetecz

For many of us, whether we are just starting to explore the wonderful depths, twists and turns to be found in tasting a glass of wine, or if we have been doing it all our lives, the idea of being a...

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Climate and Flavor II

by Tynan Szvetecz

The editors of were recently presented a white wine for a blind tasting.

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Climbing the Liquor Ladder: Going from Beer to Wine

by Jennifer Jordan

Almost everyone remembers their first drink of alcohol. I remember mine like it was yesterday. Taking a sip of my father’s Bud Light when I was seven years old, I realized it tasted nothing like th...

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Cognac: The King of Brandy

by Jennifer Jordan

Before I got into wine, I didn’t know much about it: I thought Bordeaux was used to make bread, I assumed wine in a box was as good as any, and I figured that Cognac was the name of the guy who wro...

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Colorado Food & Wine Educational Dinners

by Tynan Szvetecz

Collect a group of friends, pick a date, eat, learn, drink. Overview Interested in immersing yourself in the best of Colorado Wine & Food? Contact us to arrange one of our Colorado Food & W...

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Colorado: Not Just for Beer Anymore :: Wine in Grand Junction

by Jennifer Jordan

When we think of wine, we often think of Napa Valley, the vineyards of Italy, perhaps even certain regions of Chile. Most of us, however, don't think of Colorado. A state that is well known for bee...

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Colorado Wine: The Next Big Thing

by Jennifer Jordan

When it come to wine regions, Colorado hardly seems to even get an honorable mention. With places like Italy, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Oregon, California, and France dominating the (wine) presses, C...

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Cork and the Cork Alternatives

by Chuck Vose

Cork Alternatives and Cork-taint In the last thirty years there has been a fiery debate about the future of corks and what to do about cork-taint. Natural corks often contain a contaminant called T...

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Culinary School of the Rockies Wine Presentation Sept 2009

by Tynan Szvetecz

Tynan Szvetecz made a wine presentation to the Culinary School of the Rockies as they prepared duck three ways and a cornucopia of fresh sides. The Boulder-based school was in the midst of a seve...

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Eating Crow Tastes Like Chicken

by Jennifer Jordan

Wrong. Webster's dictionary defines wrong as "the state of being mistaken or incorrect." I can admit when I am wrong. I was wrong when I bet my younger sister that she could jump down an entire fli...

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Edgar Allan Poe: Wine and American Culture in the 1800's

by Tynan Szvetecz

This event sponsored by Delta County Libraries and the Creamery Arts Center kicked off the anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's death, honoring him as the library's "Little Read" author. We explored th...

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Emile Peynaud: A Wine Revolutionary

by Jennifer Jordan

In the world of wine, there are those who are known by many, whose influence over wine is astounding: Robert Parker, for example. There are also those who are lesser known but still adored by the m...

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English Beer Errata

by Nick Jurkowski

Perusing my earlier columns, I notice the distinct lack of a few key styles that somehow eluded my careful discussion of British beer.  I place the responsibility for this oversight squarely o...

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Everyone Loves Hops, so Why Don't You?

by Nick Jurkowski

Within the community of beer-drinkers (and therefore, almost certainly, among the community of non beer-drinkers), there are an alarming number of people who are completely unclear about the role t...

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Fermenting Fortitude: The Magic of Red Wine

by Jennifer Jordan

Your Endurance in a Glass of Wine

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Food and Wine in Paonia and the North Fork Valley

by Tynan Szvetecz

Paonia, Colorado is nestled in the secluded North Fork Valley – between Aspen and Grand Junction as the crow flies. It is a unique climate where Colorado’s incredible Rocky Mountains merge dramati...

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Free Your Wine and the Rest Will Follow

by Jennifer Jordan

For some time now, it has been the mission of to bridge the gap between the wonder of wine and the enjoyment of life. Wearing many hats on our head - and the occasional lap shade...

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Global Warming Attacking Wine Vineyards

by Jennifer Jordan

Global Warming is something we all hear about. We hear mention of it on the news, we see protests regarding it on college campuses, and we receive messages about it in our email in-boxes. But, most...

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History of Champagne

by Tynan Szvetecz

Happy Accidents: In the fine tradition of how wine is thought to have been discovered in the first place, Champagne was come across quite by accident. Indeed, it was engineered more from a shift in...

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History of Wine I: The Ancients

by Tynan Szvetecz

Ancient Wine in the Fertile Crescent: If you take a step back, and observe how wine has been with the human race for about as long as recorded history, you can easily appreciate the deep connection...

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History of Wine II: The Birth of Bacchus, Roman God of Wine

by Tynan Szvetecz

Wine Becomes Part of the People: The concept of evolution, though easily understood, carries with it an interesting enigma. Do evolutionary events happen gradually, over time, or are there sudden e...

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How to Practice Sangria

by Jennifer Jordan

Is it just me or do all of you, upon seeing a pitcher of sangria, open your arms wide and find yourself saying, “Come to mama.” Personally, I can’t help it: I am a sucker for anything that contains...

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How to Serve Wine

by Tynan Szvetecz

Serving Temperatures

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Hungary? Grab a Glass

by Jennifer Jordan

When I think of Hungary, I don’t think of wine. I think of architecture, goulash, folklore, and a country that isn’t very good at picking sides when it comes to world wars. Occasionally, I think of...

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Introduction to Italian Wine

by Tynan Szvetecz

Italian Wine Overview: Each year, it is not uncommon for Italy to find itself at the top of a number of wine-related lists, not the least of which ranks it as the largest producer, exporter and con...

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Lambics, Saisons, and Oud Bruns (Oh My

by Nick Jurkowski

You have to hand it to the Belgians - the imagination that they've shown in creating incredible beer is downright astounding. Trappist tripels and Abbey-Style strong ales are interesting enough - w...

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Make Wine, Not War

by Jennifer Jordan

Homemade wine may seem like a crazy concept, as if it came about after a bad acid trip by Betty Crocker. But, it’s really not that crazy at all. In fact, winemaking in the home is an old tradition....

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Making Champagne

by Tynan Szvetecz

Methode Champenoise: Today, the methods used to make Champagne and Sparkling Wine are very close to the original techniques pioneered by Dom Perignon in the 17th century. Bottles of Champagne from ...

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Making Port Wine

by Jennifer Jordan

I had a friend in college whose life’s goal was to move to France, don a beret, stomp on grapes, and make wine for a living. Though I tried to tell her that there was more to wine-making than purpl...

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My Favorite Wine Blogs to Follow

by Tynan Szvetevz

Below is a list of wine blogs I follow regularly:

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New Zealand Wines: The Two Best Bets

by Jennifer Jordan

Every wine-producing nation has a specialty. From nations good at producing Cabernet to those who excel in Chardonnay, from those who are excellent makers of Semillon to those who know the quality ...

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Old World vs. New World Growing Styles

by Tynan Szvetecz

Entire libraries can be filled with books that speak of the art and science of wine growing. You are not alone if you view its discussion as academic, prosaic, and, well, pretty unhelpful, especial...

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Organic Wine, A Reprieve for the Allergic

by Jennifer Jordan

When I was a kid, I developed an allergy to peanut butter, something I loved to eat by the spoonful. While others ate it, mixing clumps with strawberry jam and putting it between two slices of brea...

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Pucker Up For One Last Kiss

by Jennifer Jordan

To the winemaker, one of the most exciting things about wine is its ability to mold into all kinds of flavors: like a mad scientist who mixes the contents of test tubes, laughing arrogantly as he k...

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Ratings? We Don't Need No Drinkin' Ratings

by Jennifer Jordan

Since the beginning of wine, people have placed ratings on the varieties they consume. Some people rate wine in simple turns: a thumbs up and a lick of the lips or a dramatic smash of a wineglass a...

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Red Wine Styles and Personalities

by Tynan Szvetecz

Let’s talk for a moment about the concept of synergy. The phenomenon of two strangers coming into contact at a cocktail party is not altogether different from a person and a new glass of wine findi...

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Removing Red Wine Stains

by Jennifer Jordan

There are few things that will send a clean freak into a nervous breakdown like a red wine stain: red, red wine, when it’s spilled on the table and running onto the carpet, doesn’t make you feel so...

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Revolution Brewery - the smallest commercial brewery in Colorado, takes "Best Pale Ale" honors at Crested Butte's Fall Festival.

by Tynan Szvetecz

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Riedel Wine Glasses: The Science Inside

by Jennifer Jordan

For many former students, science was a class where it was hard to get excited. All the talk of human cells, the lectures on atoms, and the discovery that a hypothesis is not a huge, plant-eating A...

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Riesling: A Wine for the Wine Hater

by Jennifer Jordan

In our world, there are people who don’t like wine. Now, this idea may make most of us gasp in shock and yell out “Grape Scots!:” someone saying they don’t like wine is like someone saying they don...

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Say Cheese: Picturing the Perfect Wine Combo

by Jennifer Jordan

The combination of wine and cheese may sound a little cliche, perhaps, dare I say, even a little cheesy. Still, since their invention, wine and cheese have been a dazzling duo, going together like ...

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Serving Wine at Holiday Parties

by Jennifer Jordan

Hosting a party can bring about a great deal of stress. You may find this true for any kind of party, but it seems to be particularly true for a party thrown around the holidays. For some reason, t...

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Serving With Wine Glasses: What's Behind Glass Number 1

by Jennifer Jordan

Alcohol, as a rule, is generally easy to serve. For beer, you simply hand someone a can or a bottle and, if need be, a bottle opener. For hard alcohol, you simply pour the spirits into a mixer, add...

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Spanish Wine History and Style

by Tynan Szvetecz

Spanish Wine History:

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Starting Wine Buying Tips

by Tynan Szvetecz

Before you do anything in this big, wonderful world of wine buying, it's important to find a good wine merchant. In today's wine culture, this is easier than ever. There are more small to medium-si...

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Structure and Texture I

by Brian Hoffer

In the first series of my articles on Tasting Terms, I discussed the meaning of the words we use to describe how wines smell and taste. Here in Wine Structure and Texture I, we get into structure a...

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Structure and Texture II

by Brian Hoffer

Now, with the concepts in hand from Structure and Texture I, we’re ready to tackle the lingo:

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Style and History: South African Wine

by Tynan Szvetecz

South African Wine History:

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Styles of the Isles, Part I

by Nick Jurkowski

The British Isles gave birth to porters, stouts, pale ales, bitters, and scotch ales (as well as milds, browns, and others). To a typical American beer drinker who is used to American light lagers,...

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Sugar on Top: the Basics of Dessert Wines

by Jennifer Jordan

Most people will agree that wine and dessert go well together, holding hands as they skip into the sunset of your mouth. Just the very image of a glass of wine next to a plate of tiramisu is enough...

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Summer Wine Events in Colorado

by Jennifer Jordan

Since the conception of the three month break, summertime has always belonged to children: no more school, no more books, no more teachers, dirty looks (and all that jazz). It is summer, after all,...

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Tasting for Body, Acidity and Fruit

by Tynan Szvetecz


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Tasting, Wine, 2, 3, Tasting

by Jennifer Jordan

If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered how some people can willingly eat the foods we despise. Take for instance, refried beans. According to my taste buds, refried beans are disgusting: they ...

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The Appearance of Wine

by Brian Hoffer

What the heck are you talking about?

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The Basics of Cooking with Wine

by Jennifer Jordan

We drink wine, placing it in a glass and swallowing without the effort of chewing (even though some people describe wine as chewy). It goes down smooth, born to be only wild enough to glide down an...

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The Basics of Grapes

by Jennifer Jordan

As a wine writer, I tend to write a lot about, that’s right, wine. From wine tasting to ordering wine in a restaurant, I’ve covered a plethora of wine related topics: yes, I’ve seen, and drank, it ...

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The Basics of Sake

by Jennifer Jordan

Throughout history, there has been a legacy of delicious duos. Soup met crackers, peanut butter courted jelly, and ham was introduced to eggs. Recently, a new duo has joined the ranks of great culi...

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The Basics of Wine Collecting

by Tynan Szvetecz

Get Your Priorities Straight: Whether you are considering starting a wine collection or you have had one for years, it's important to make sure you've got your priorities straight. Having wine in y...

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The Best First Date Wines

by Jennifer Jordan

We all know that dating is hard: the awkward silences, the nerves of the first kiss, the fear of flatulence in an intimate moment. Yes, dating is hard on so many fronts, including knowing what wine...

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The Calories in Wine

by Jennifer Jordan

The holidays are a time of year when many of us have to loosen our belt buckles just a bit, attempting to satisfy our expanding waistlines. It’s not our fault; the pumpkin pie, the chocolate fudge,...

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The Controversy of Pinotage

by Jennifer Jordan

There are certain wines that everyone knows about: the Merlots, the Chardonnays, and the Champagnes are just a few of those popular enough to be invited to nearly every party. These wines are what ...

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The Cork Heard Around the World

by Jennifer Jordan

The sound of a cork popping off a bottle of wine is a welcoming sound; the subtle popping noise is enough to turn wine lovers into Pavlov's dog, drooling uncontrollably. As welcoming a sound this m...

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The Egyptian Wine Gods

by Jennifer Jordan

Mythology holds within it tales of gods who once governed the heavens above and the world below. Many people are familiar with mythology, particularly Greek Mythology (Hi, Zeus) or Norse Mythology ...

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The Enemies of Wine: What Not to Eat When Drinking

by Jennifer Jordan

Despite the dirty looks and obscene gestures I get whenever I drive by a field filled with cattle or stroll by the local chicken farm, I stand by the notion that it's a myth red wine goes with red ...

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The Fountain of Youth

by Jennifer Jordan

Throughout centuries, people have searched for a proverbial Fountain of Youth, a fountain whose water can actually slow down the aging process. From Juan Ponce de Leon to the modern day seeker, the...

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The Greek Wine Industry

by Jennifer Jordan

When it comes to wine, it seems as though Greece should be well beyond every other region; after all, it is Greece, a country that is sometimes overheard bragging to Albania and Bulgaria about how ...

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The Health Benefits of Wine

by Tynan Szvetecz

Barrels and Saints While the introduction of the double-blind study into our modern scientific world has been but a blip on the radar screen in the 7000 year-old history of wine, it has given renew...

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The Quotes of Wine

by Jennifer Jordan

Wine quotes, like grapes themselves, tend to come in bunches. From those who’ve sipped a bottle of Riesling and claimed, “That’s the best wine I’ve ever had,” to those who, after a wild night, spen...

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The Songs of Wine

by Jennifer Jordan

When it comes to wine, we use a variety of our senses. Our sense of taste and our sense of smell helps us perceive flavors and aromas, our sense of sight helps us look for legs, helping us to ident...

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The Styles of the Isles, Part II

by Nick Jurkowski

In this entry exploring styles of beer from the British Isles, we will focus on the darker beers - porters and stouts, as well as Scotch Ales. Stretch you mind and palate while improving your beer...

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The Ten Most Important Wine Label Terms

by Tynan Szvetecz

For the average wine consumer, there is a plethora of intimidation associated with wine buying. This is a feeling that is most often the result of not understanding wine labels. New world wines ten...

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The Top Five Wine Myths

by Tynan Szvetecz

#1 Sniffing the Cork: Ah the beauty of ritual. Rituals are wonderful because they help us define our culture. They can add color, meaning and a sense of purpose to our lives. But there is also the ...

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The Unique Wines of Oregon

by Jennifer Jordan

When it comes to wine growing regions, Oregon can be viewed as a bit of a problem child, often caught sticking out its tongue whenever the grape vines aren’t looking. Because Oregon contains incons...

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The Unsung Benefits of Wine

by Jennifer Jordan

If health came in a bottle, it would create mayhem at the local market. As people threw elbows and ran over one another with rabid shopping carts, bottles of health would fly off the shelves, secur...

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The Wine Laws of Greece

by Jennifer Jordan

In today’s winemaking world, all sorts of regions have rules. In fact, the wine region in my apartment has a rule that no bottle of wine can be left unopened or unconsumed. Greece, obviously follow...

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The Wine of Israel and Wine in Biblical Times

by Jennifer Jordan

Wines of Israel: Israel is a nation possessing a rich past. The turning pages of history find it at the center of the Bible, while present day finds it at the center of conflict. A country known fo...

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The Wines of Alsace

by Jennifer Jordan

After the conclusion of the 2006 World Cup, with Italy edging the French team in a 5-3 shootout, those rooting for France could probably have used some very good alcohol to numb their emotions. Luc...

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The Wines of New Zealand

by Jennifer Jordan

No Wine is an Island:

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The Wines of Piedmont

by Tynan Szvetecz

Overview of Piedmont Wines Some grapes are well-traveled. Over thousands of years, varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and even the fussy Pinot Noir have garnered their s...

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The Wines of Thanksgiving

by Jennifer Jordan

Red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, cider: it's the time of year to count our blessings. Yes, the holidays. As Thanksgiving rears its head, relatives are extended invitations, decorations are bro...

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Things to do in Grand Junction, Colorado :: Wine & Bike Tours :: Raft Tours :: Vineyard Tours

by Jennifer Jordan

In This Article « Grand Junction Bike Tours: Grand Junction's Newest Love « Bike tours in Grand Junction « Grand Junction Raft Tours: Grand Junction Cools Off « Bike Tours in Paonia Print...

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Toasting the Memory of Baron Elie de Rothschild

by Jennifer Jordan

In the USA, there are the Rockefellers, the Kennedy’s, the Carnegies and, of course, the Jordans. In France, there are the Rothschilds. A family who was originally known for banking, they eventuall...

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Types of Wine: Pick Your Grape

by Jennifer Jordan

I will admit that I’m rather picky. I will only eat certain kinds of food, rarely ingesting dishes entitled with words I can’t pronounce or made up of animals I think are cute. And, I will only dat...

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Vintage Wine: What's it All About?

by Jennifer Jordan

Vintage, when it comes to wine, has a unique definition: it isn’t merely an old, classic bottle or one wearing a Guns and Roses hat and Van Halen (pre Sammy Hagar) shirt. In wine, vintage is define...

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Washing Wine Glasses: From a Chore to an Art Form

by Jennifer Jordan

No one is particularly fond of washing dishes, with many people reserving it for times when the tower of dirty dishes in the kitchen sink begins to resemble the Tower of Pisa. But, for those who ha...

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Washington Wines: Just East of Greatness

by Jennifer Jordan

When people think of the wines of the northwest, chances are they ignore Washington and think mainly of Oregon. With its penchant for Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Noir, Oregon has seemingly l...

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Weird Drinking Laws of the USA

by Jennifer Jordan

The United States has its fair share of weird laws (what is up with having to pay taxes?), but there are few laws that achieve the level of oddness that certain American drinking laws attain. Under...

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What is Single Malt Scotch?

by Tynan Szvetecz

Birth of Malt Whisky The journey of discovery that eventually introduced malt whisky to the world began in much the same way as it did for beer and wine: wild yeasts and sugar (like sugar from grap...

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What Revolution?

by Tynan Szvetecz

Often it is that whimsical and hopeful part of us that likes to believe we live in new, exciting and changing times. But, while our version of new, exciting and changing may certainly be manifested...

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When in Aspen? Wine in Aspen :: Aspen Food & Wine Classic

by Jennifer Jordan

As summer begins, it almost seems that the town of Aspen should go into seclusion for the next several months, with a sign reading "Closed for Season" hanging from their city limit signs. When it c...

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Whiskey and Cigars: Pairing Life's Luxuries

by Jennifer Jordan

Like two peas in a pod of the luxury world, cigars and whiskey can often be found together. Both known as two of the finer things in life, when used jointly, they work to enhance the drinking and s...

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White Wine Styles and Personalities

by Tynan Szvetecz

When people discuss the revolution in wine that has happened over the last thirty years, they must emphasize the astounding leap white wine has taken to reach the highest standards of its red wine ...

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White Wine's Influence on the Lungs

by Jennifer Jordan

For years now, we’ve been praising the health benefits of red wine, raising our glasses and toasting Merlot as bottles of white wine sit in the corner, fermenting with jealously. Because red wine h...

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Willamette Valley Vineyards: Open Up and Say Yum

by Jennifer Jordan

In my adult years, one of my own personal mantras whenever I go to Portland to visit the world’s largest amount of relatives has been, “I’ll be with family; so, in other words, I’ll be drinking.” T...

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Wine Accessories: What to Do with Leftover Wine

by Jennifer Jordan

Leftover wine may bring about problems for many of you that leftover food doesn’t possess. While it’s easy to throw a vat of macaroni in a Tupperware bowl or wrap a piece of bread in a plastic bagg...

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Wine and The Roman Empire

by Jennifer Jordan

Anyone who knows wine knows that it has greatly impacted the history of our world. From Noah drinking it in the Old Testament, to legends of soldiers who used it as courage to fight during medieval...

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Wine and Weddings

by Jennifer Jordan

From those of us who have a hundred matrimonial relatives, to those of us who have, ourselves, been married more times than Henry the VIII, chances are we’ve all attended our fair share of weddings...

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Wine Classes: When School Gets Cool

by Jennifer Jordan

When most people think of school, they are usually transported back to their elementary school days, a time of crayons, grumpy cafeteria ladies, and tennis shoes filled with playground gravel. Beca...

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Wine Club Helping Fight Against Breast Cancer

by Jennifer Jordan

In the grand scheme of things, wine and breast cancer couldn’t be more unalike. One is something that is meant to be savored and the other is, well, cancer, the “C-word.” While they lay on opposite...

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Wine Clubs: No Beers Allowed

by Jennifer Jordan

If you’re unfamiliar with wine, you may think of a wine club as a bar where bottles go to chill and uncork, a place where young Merlots line up outside hoping to get in with fake ID’s reading, “Vin...

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Wine Competitions: Vining for Greatness

by Jennifer Jordan

When I think of a wine competition, I think of bottles of red wine and bottles of white wine squaring off. Perhaps bottles of Merlot and Riesling arm wrestle or a glass of Shiraz and a glass of Whi...

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Wine During Prohibition

by Jennifer Jordan

I turned 21 in 1999, decades after the Roaring Twenties. Because of this, I can honestly say that I don’t know what Prohibition feels like. I can only compare it to an empty keg at a raging party o...

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Wine Clubs: No Beers Allowed

by Jennifer Jordan

When I was little, my grandmother had a grapevine on the fence that separated her house from her neighbor’s house. My sisters and I spent hours arguing with the boys next door; we said the vine was...

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Wine Gifts: Getting What you Want

by Jennifer Jordan

When it comes to the holidays, there is a right and wrong way to get the presents you want. For instance, making a detailed list and giving it to family and friends is the right way, performing a l...

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Wine Glass Tips

by Tynan Szvetecz

Goblets and Dixy Cups

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Wine Glossary: Drinking in the Greek Language

by Jennifer Jordan

Every wine producing region in the world has its own lingo. The French have terms for wine that the Hungarians don’t, the Americans have terms for wine that the Australians don’t, and the Italians ...

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Wine Label Removal: A Sticky Situation

by Jennifer Jordan

Removing the label from a bottle of wine may seem like an every day occurrence; surely people everywhere have their reasons for scraping fingernails against a square of paper. Perhaps some people r...

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Wine Lore: Folklore That's Had a Few

by Jennifer Jordan

All of us, no matter how skeptical we claim to be, have been impacted by Folklore at some point in our lives. From those of us who refuse to utter the words “Bloody Mary” in front of a bathroom mir...

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Wine Moments of the Big and Small Screen

by Jennifer Jordan

It seems to me that people will make a movie about anything (White Chicks…seriously?). From anacondas to Zorro’s, if there is a camera, there will be a film. A not-so-recent addition to this movie ...

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Wine Tasting Kits and Caboodles

by Jennifer Jordan

Wine tasting may seem like something that is on special reserve, geared only for those who are expert wine drinkers. Intent on discovering fruits of a winery’s labor, these connoisseurs set out to ...

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Wine Tastings for Singles

by Jennifer Jordan

Dating, for those of us who are tired of being single, can be a royal pain. From speed dating to online dating, from the taverns to the grocery stores, we have several outlets where we can meet pot...

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Wine Terms For the Scared

by Jennifer Jordan

For whatever reason, wine has become a drink that some people fear. Some people are simply too scared to approach it, looking at a bottle the same way they used to look at the popular girl or boy t...

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You Had Me at Merlot: One of the Most Famous Red Wines

by Jennifer Jordan

At the end of last week, after finishing a wine article on Riesling, I felt a little guilty, bad that I had left red wine out of the limelight. For a while, I shook this feeling off - I mean, I can...

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