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Wine Staff Training

Customers are becoming savvy to the ways of proper wine service, and managers that don’t keep their staff properly trained risk having their restaurants viewed as sloppy or even unprofessional.

Staff properly trained for proper wine service achieves important key goals for any restaurant :

  • Customers are more likely to trust your expertise with preparing food
  • It makes an evening “special”, and one customers are more likely to tell their friends and acquaintances about
  • It helps prevent problems that can arise from staff not understanding what to do about corked or oxidized wine
  • It reinforces your establishment as offering a complete experience

Savor Each Glass offers training services that teach your staff how to do the following in a two-hour session. We come to you at a time that’s convenient for your restaurant and your staff.

At the end of each workshop, your staff will:

  • Understand what makes a good corkscrew
  • Offer advice if asked on a wine selection
  • Present a bottle properly
  • Execute the proper technique for cutting the bottle cap and removing the cork
  • Execute the proper technique for opening sparkling wines
  • Properly present the cork
  • Properly place the bottle on the table
  • Understand the proper pour amount for the customer and understand pour technique
  • Understand how to deal with: a bad cork, corked wine, oxidized wine, tartrate crystals or a customer simply not liking a wine

Workshops are charged per person, with sliding scale discounts for multiple trainees. For more information on Savor Each Glass staff wine training, contact us here.