To the winemaker, one of the most exciting things about wine is its ability to mold into all kinds of flavors: like a mad scientist who mixes the contents of test tubes, laughing arrogantly as he knows he’s invented greatness, winemakers are able to make a product where no two types are alike. Wine is the snowflake of the alcohol world and winemakers are the snow clouds.

It is this diversity that constantly gives wine drinkers a chance to sample new products. Recently, a sampling occurred with the introduction of One Last Kiss. Released by Creative Wine Concepts just in time for the holiday season, this wine appears to be what all of the connoisseurs are asking Santa for.

A blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscat, One Last Kiss is a dry white wine with hints of melon and orange. While it goes well with Asian food, fish, poultry, and pasta, many people may find that it also goes well simply with taste buds. Produced by the Scott Harvey family, One Last Kiss comes from the grapes of Napa Valley and Amador County. It’s the latest in a long line of wines known for utmost quality.

One Last Kiss debuted on December 1st and 2nd of this year in Santa Monica. At an event hosted by Billion Dollar Babes, drinkers sampled the product, wine tasters gave their opinions, and, of course, wine bottles took a bow and waved to fans.

Kiss Me Again

This wine, like many of the wines produced by the Scott Harvey line, is aimed at a target audience. The audience sought for One Last Kiss is the new generation of female wine drinkers. Made specifically for the girls, many may find that the freshness, flavor, and lightness of this drink is the best thing since women’s suffrage: it has our vote.

Jana Harvey developed One Last Kiss as a way to mirror the romantic conundrums of many Hollywood films such as Casablanca. Just a sip of it may leave a person wanting to drink it again, Sam. It contains the personality of many of the Harvey family creations and, unlike other wines, it is meant to be consumed immediately.

One Last Kiss is currently available for purchase in Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Ohio and Wisconsin. It can also be purchased online at Buying just a bottle may leave every consumer of One Last Kiss puckering up for more.