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Personal Sommelier Service

The two things that can be the most fun about drinking wine can also be the most intimidating: 1) learning about what you are drinking and 2) arranging special events such as parties, weddings or corporate events where there will be a wide diversity of palettes and preferences.

Savor Each Glass offers three services to help you achieve your goals in a spirit of relaxed learning and fun:

Hire a Sommelier for a Special Event

For special events ranging from a wedding or corporate party to an intimate dinner - hiring a sommelier ensures that the occasion is memorable. You can:

  • Pair wines to food with particular attention - making your food and your class shine
  • Provide wines to your guests within your budget, as exotic or accessible as you like
  • Receive special tips on how to make the event more efficient, and keep your guests happier
  • Incorporate a fun wine workshop into the event to entertain and teach your guests something new
  • Ensure that each guest is properly served according to the standards of formal service

For more information on hiring a Sommelier for special events, contact us here.

Hire a Sommelier for Individual Tutoring

Some people hire a tutor to learn a new language – why not hire a Sommelier to learn the language and intricacies of wine?

A private Sommelier can teach you as little or as much about a particular area of the wine world as you would like to know:

  • How to properly serve wine of various types
  • How to blind-taste
  • How to find the best deals
  • How to properly stock your cellar
  • How to throw a great wine dinner
  • How to properly pair food with wine
  • And much more!

For more information on hiring a Sommelier for private tutoring, contact us here.

Hire a Sommelier to Send You New Wines Each Month

Getting great wines that cater to your style and budget just got easier.

  • You pick the countries and regions
  • You pick the grape varieties
  • You set the price range per bottle
  • You select the number of bottles per month
  • We find the best deals
  • We put together tasting notes for each wine

Based on your preferences, our Sommelier puts together the perfect mix of wines for you to try each month.

For more information on having our Sommelier put together a mixed case of wines, contact us here.